Piper Joy (piperjoy) wrote in tradeswomen,
Piper Joy

Sexism on the job

I love the company I work for.  They have been very good to me.  The corporate culture seems accepting.  The few problems I have had have been minor.  But I've been struggling with something for weeks.  I work as a project estimator, assistant project manager, and QC representative in the main office.  When I graduated from my apprenticeship in June, I asked the Executive Vice President if my name could be moved from the bottom of the sign-in sheet (for temporary employees) to the upper part.  This was important to me as a covenant between us that I'm planning to stay and they're planning to keep me, a sign of their respect for me and my work, and a break in gender barriers.  Oh, I forgot to mention:  the sign-in sheet has 3 sections-- guys, girls, and temporary.  EVP agreed to move my name, and wrote & initialled instructions on the sign-in. 

You can read more about it on my personal blog and/or by clicking these links to the individual entries:
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