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hundun: ink-stained fingers

I have now finished the hands-on component of the trades program. Less than one week to go.

I think this means that I have got my first level of "handy."

Reflecting, I can now:
- Weld
- Braze
- Rivet
- Measure things precisely and reliably
- Cut, bend and fold steel with my mind
- Carpent ( this a word?)
- Join (wood into really pretty things like cigar boxes and wine cabinets. It's what "Joiners" do)
- Wire up most of a house
- Do simple tasks with a crane
- Strip a diesel engine (this takes about 14 person-hours and has traditionally relied on the aid of two birly* guys, who have been since replaced by cranes, forklifts, and three tradeswomen grunting to lift a bus's crankshaft onto a palette one end at a time. The engines in question are coated in rancid oil on the inside, and about a centimeter of oil-dirt-rust paste on the outside.)
- Hook up cast iron and steel pipes (copper pipes may still result in an indoor sprinkler)
- Read blueprints
- Handle hazardous materials (a skill I've always wanted people to know that I have, because nothing beats the old "beer and pizza for asbestos" swap)
- Repaint your car (and also describe why I'd never want to do it)
- Take apart and reassemble a lawnmover
- Use a gunpowder-actuated nailgun to punch fasteners into concrete and steel
- Tell you how an engine works and possibly maintain parts of it
- Use an engine lathe, tap, scriber, micrometre and other tools that allow you to build your own armory various parts
- Try to climb something tall, then fall off it without dying
- Tell you which job actually does what (like the difference between a railway conductor, yard coordinator, locomotive engineer, and railway mechanic -or a hobo and a bum for that matter)

* Correction. This should be spelled "burly" as in "huge m*****f*****," not "birly" as in "genderqueer." Although the latter would explain the term "diesel dyke..."
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