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Hi all!

I'm an HVAC mechanic who's moved into a job where I do some pipefitting.  I went to tech school for air conditioning when I finally decided I was old enough to do what I really enjoyed - fixing stuff!  I've always worked in non-traditional fields, first as a firefighter, then in IT and now a real trade, LOL!  I was active in the firewomens' professional organization, but have found tradeswomen to be a bit more splintered.  I guess it would be like trying to tie cops, firefighters and EMS together under a common umbrella.  The issues are similar, but the jobs and mindsets aren't.

I travel a good bit for work and use my journal to post interesting things I see and to meditate on things that interest me.  I also use it to practice (and hopefully improve) my writing skills.  Check it out.  I welcome your comments.
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